Ekaterina Zlyvko, IT-online Group: «When you choose aeroexpress, you care for yourself, first of all»

Ekaterina Zlyvko, travel-coordinator (business trip manager) of IT-Online Group is speaking about why aeroexpress is better than the most comfortable taxi and what transport to choose in New York, Hong Kong or Zurich.

Екатерина Злывко

Transfer is an obligatory part of any business trip. It is usually included into the service package the company pays for.

According to our travel policy, frontline employees in Moscow are reimbursed for a taxi to the aeroexpress and a ticket for the aeroexpress to the airport and back. This approach has allowed us not only to cut costs, but also to save our employees’ time. We provide comfort and spare their nerve, because businessmen can thus calculate their travel time almost to the minute. The latest trend is the following — even the employees who can get to the airport by car prefer aeroexpress to taxi.

Aeroexpress has a number of advantages. Here are some of them:

— time economy;

— convenient timetable;

— money economy;

— psychological comfort.

Of course, there are situations when you can not do without a taxi. For example, we order a taxi at night, when aeroexpress is unavailable.

As for transfers in other countries, location plays a great role. If an employee goes to New York on a business trip, we recommend taking a taxi at the airport, as it is much cheaper and more convenient than ordering transfer beforehand. New York taxi is not cheap and in order to save money we choose a hotel as close to the conference site as possible or hire a taxi for employees who have to travel a lot around the country.

Public transport network is very convenient in Hong Kong and Zurich, so our company reimburses its employees for a ticket to the aeroexpress to the airport and back. Department managers can travel by business class or luxurious coaches. It takes a business traveller only 20 minutes to get to the city centre.

Besides, I recommend using free shuttles from the hotel and back. Many hotels and hotel chains offer a service like that. If employees have to go to Europe or South-East Asia, I strongly recommend using such an opportunity.

If we speak about transfers for top management, the choice is almost unlimited: VIP meeting at the air stare, limousines, sport cars will make the trip comfortable and produce a WOW-effect.

When you plan your travel route, it is important to understand your company’s needs and to explain to your employees that aeroexpress is not a way of cutting the company’s costs, but the way of saving employees’ time and care about them. Metropolises impose their travel rules that we have to accept sooner or later!

Interviewed by Sofiya Dukorskaya